Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something Magical

Being that I was raised in San Diego I always thought that summer was my favorite season. I am beginning to rethink that judgment call! I think the reason I always thought that was because that is about the only season we had. Yes, I know there are a few other "seasons" mixed in but nothing to extremes.
As I sit here sipping my first pumpkin spice drink I contemplate the season of which I have become very fond of. FALL! There are many reasons I think that this season has become my favorite.
The first being the wonderful colors. I would love to drive all day long every day just so that I can soak in all the colors that fall brings. One of my favorite streets here in Littleton is Bowles. As I drive this street heading to downtown Littleton the streets are lined with so many rich colors; reds, oranges, yellows and greens. The streets are not just asphalt but are cement which provides a wonderful palette on which these fall colors rest upon. As I follow the cars in front of me autumn leaves billow under their tires, making it like I am driving through God's confetti party of Autumn. The grass that only a season ago was bright green has taken on a tint of yellow. Some of my favorite colors are highlighted in this present season... brown and yellow!
The smells of this season just warm my heart. Of course there is pumpkin, then nutmeg, then cinnamon, oh and I can't leave out apple spice. Ahh, my senses are alive! Fall, means burning candles, which means a trip to Yankee Candle; no house is complete without a tart burning! Oh yeah, the evening smell of wood burning fire places replaces my next favorite smell of barbecued meat. Granted most fireplaces in town are electric so the night time smells are not exactly what I dream of but every now and then there is a real fire burning in someones fireplace that makes me inhale a little deeper. Speaking of inhaling in deep, oh the crisp fresh air that comes with fall is like no other.
The fall clothing, that is another pleasure! Being that I have lived in San Diego for so long this was something new to me! Sure, I have turtle neck sweaters and scarfs, but these were only worn as decorations, not necessity. Now when I put on my sweaters there is a sense of pride that comes with them. The scarfs are not just an outfit accessory but an outfit need - their purposes are actually carried out here in Colorado. Plus nothing is more cuddly then my babies snug in their fleece footy jammies. I simply cannot resist hugging my babies a little longer and a little tighter when they are warm in their footy jammies!
Now you know why this current season is fast becoming my most favorite one!