Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Little Man, The Champ

I was talking with the receptionist at Kaiser setting up Ki's six month well baby check when I asked about the flu shots. I asked the receptionist if there really is the worry of little shots. She simply laughed and said, "Don't listen to the news - there are plenty of shots, don't worry." She then told me that if I wanted today was the first day of the walk in shots at our clinic, and I could get a shot for Zeke. I got off the phone and asked Zeke if he wanted to go get a shot and he enthusiastically said, "Yes." So we drove to the clinic. We had to sit in a line, there were three people ahead of Zeke and about five after him. The people before Zeke got their shots, one of them was a little three year old girl, who proceeded to cry after getting her shot. Finally it was Zeke's turn! He climbed up on the chair next to the nurse. The nurse asked me if I wanted Zeke to have the nasal one or a shot. Zeke simply said, "Shot please!" Then the whole room started trying to get Zeke to commit to the nasal one. Zeke held his ground and smiled nicely and again said, "Shot please." Then he pulled down his pants and pointed to the leg that he wanted the nurse to inject him in. Everyone in the room was quiet, I think they were expecting Zeke to cry or cringe or something - but he didn't! He got his shot like a champ. I could tell at one point he thought about maybe crying but instead grinned and then smiled. He got his shot, pulled up his pants and then gave me a hug, collected his sticker and was out and running. I was sure proud of my little man - I hate shots myself but he was such a champ!