Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay - so this morning as I was rushing through my shower I was hit with a reality... I used to take showers as a means of beginning my day fresh and new. I would take long hot showers, spend extra time making sure I shaved my legs and scrubbed my entire body with some expensive body scrub. Showers were also viewed as a luxurious retreat that could last as long as a half an hour.

Since becoming a mom of two that has all gone by the way side! I now jump in the shower to wash off whatever puke, poop or dirt I have accumulated throughout the day - not from me, from the boys! My showers are usually in the evenings after at least Ki in in bed or if I am lucky during their afternoon naps. Showers are no longer a relaxing oasis rather a five or ten minute hide out from the kids to wash off, scrub up and rinse off. I suppose a shower could still be relaxing if I wasn't trying to rush through it so that I could have a few minutes to myself before the kids wake up or someone comes barging in wanting help. Shaving - forget that! I am sorry honey... but there is not enough time in the day to care about my leg stubble. If I can't get it with one quick swoop of the razor then it will still be there the next time the razor graces my legs. Expensive body scrub - heck no! I soap up with whatever WalMart had on special.

My, how showering life has changed. Yes, I know showering is a very small thing in the whole scheme of life but I am in constant awe of how two little people can effect so many facets of life. Don't get me wrong I love my little "thing one and things two" but they have rocked my world!