Thursday, October 15, 2009

Type A to the MAX Part 2

So yesterday I decided that I would do henna tattoos for myself. My parents got me a kit for Christmas last year and here I am just now trying to figure it out. So I spend yesterday morning making the paste... which has to sit for 12 hours. So I make it in the morning planning on doing the tattoos in the night right before I go to bed. I get the boys down for bed, get my chick flick in the DVD player and then get everything ready for tattooing. I spend about ten minutes practicing on some paper towels and then decide that I am ready to mark up my body - well just my palm. I start making a flower and then the dispensing cone starts leaking... I have henna all over my right hand while I am trying to get a flower on my left hand. Needless to say after nearly an hour of messing with the stuff, I got frustrated, attempted to wash my hands off and then threw it all away. As I am sitting here I can see my orange flower on the left palm and the orange all over my right fingers. Grrrrrr! So much for cute little henna tattoos. Maybe I will just have to stick to paying the ten dollars at the street fairs!