Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Been Absent

Both physically (on the blog) and mentally in life.  I have been in a strange funk since last Friday.  Not really sure why, but it has had me in a weird place.  I have not even wanted to blog because I have not had much to say, after a long break (a week, I think) I thought I had better get back into it or else I might fall off the face of the blogging world. 
Michael has been working a ton lately - Like I shared with someone this past week though, I am glad that he is working rather than the opposite.  Things have been really busy for him which means that his days are totally unpredictable - leaving before the boys get up and often not home until they are going to bed.  This past weekend Michael even had to work on Saturday and did not get home until seven. 
Sunday being Mother's day we hung out as a family.  Michael wanted me to sleep in so he could bring me crapes in bed, but sleeping in for me was sevenish.  When my normal day starts at 5:30 - seven was a stretch.  So we all enjoyed crapes for breakfast and then we cleaned out Michael's truck.  We headed up to Evergreen where we got the boys new bedroom set (off Craigslist - bunk beds that can be separated into two twins, a book shelf and a dresser).  Then it was about lunch time so we went to one of our favorite places, BeuJo's pizza.  Little did we know that Michale had locked the keys in the car... so our afternoon turned a little longer than planned, but it was still nice.  The boys were boys, playing in the dirt and rocks and Michael and I got to sit on a bench snuggle and watch our boys.  After Triple A came and saved us we headed home for a nap.  I tried to go and get a pedicure but the three places I went had a minimum forty minute wait.  So I just came home and rested with my boys.  Michael set up the boys beds and room for me.  Our day was a fun and relaxing one!
My little Zeke only has three more days of school for the year!  I am in shock at how quickly this year has gone.  Next year Zeke will be going to school three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Zeke's speech has gotten so much better in the last month or so.  His teachers have even commented on how he is now trying to actually communicate with his classmates, this is a new thing. 
Last Friday the boys had their year checkups.  Zeke is growing so fast.  Ki as well is growing - he is in the 76% for his height.  I got a chance to sit down and ask the doctor a lot of questions that I had about the boys, I will say that I love our pediatrician.  Kind of nice that he is a dad of four kids two of which are about the same ages as my boys, actually he has an Ezekiel that is two days younger than my Zeke. 
Monday was my second to the last Mother's and More meeting of the season.  I was very happy that it was a well attended meeting.  I had a guest speaker come and speak on "How to Raise Financially Responsible Children".  She was well informed and presented a lot of good information.  One thing that she mentioned that I have not really taken the time as of yet to investigate was, which is a college savings account.  Let me just say that it looks and sounds to be a great program, worth looking into I am sure.
This Colorado weather never ceases to amaze me!  I have been enjoying the wonderful spring weather, the trees in bloom and the birds out singing.  Today, well I woke up to it snowing and it is 34 degrees.  Monday it was 70 plus and today it is snowing.  One of these days I will stop being amazed at the drastic changes - however until that time I am a confused person, not sure if I should wear shorts or pants, flip flops or boots, tank tops or my big jacket.