Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I sometimes wonder

There are days that I wonder if I am living in a dream!  Life is truly a blessing each and every day.  I get the honor of being Michael's wife and mommy to Zeke and Ki.  I have the awesome opportunity to be a stay at home mom, spending my days loving on my boys and making meals for the three men of my life.  I have friends and family that really love me and are there when I need them.  Today has been an awesome day, for nothing more than - I woke up to birds singing and the three men of my life are happy and healthy!
Trust me not every day do I remember and cherish the tasks of every day life, but today I was just hit by the awesome privileges that I have.  I had a wonderful visit from my mom and sister this weekend, spent yesterday cleaning my house and today enjoying and basking in it all. 
How can I feel nothing but blessed?