Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spoke too soon

Okay so just like I said earlier a few simple things can make an okay day great and a few bad things can make an okay day horrible... well right after finishing my post I decided that I would take a drive.  I had to drop off something at the post office and since neither of the boys were napping I thought that maybe a drive would encourage them to nap.  So I dropped off my mail at the post office and decided to take the long circle to get back home.  I crossed an intersection and saw a police man sitting in his patrol car in the meridian.  I glanced down at my speed 37 mph and I was in a 40 mph zone... or so I thought.  I see the officer flip on his lights and then turns around and is getting into traffic behind me.  I put my blinker on to move out of his way to the side of the road and low and behold he follows me.  I stop on the side of the road and get all my appropriate items out.  I wait for what feels like forever for him to come to my side of the car, in the mean time Zeke is in the back of the car saying, "Mommy you are going to go to jail, the police man is going to take you to jail."  The officer approaches my door and I hand him my license, registration and insurance.  He asks me if I know why he has pulled me over and I simply say, "No sir not at all."  He says, "Well that is the problem then."  Then he proceeds to tell me that I was going seventeen over the speed limit and that I am in a school zone.  I reply that I was unaware that I was in a school zone and I did not see any markers indicating such.  During this time he begins looking at my registration and asks me who Andrea Lynne Dion Potter is, I am thinking okay really, you are holding my driver's license that spells out my name with the last being Kulow - can you not put two and two together.  I inform him that is my maiden name and he asks if I have any verification of that, thankfully, I suppose I carry around my passport with my maiden name still in it and therefore show him that.  Zeke is now getting slightly restless as to the fact that the police man is talking to me and starts to talk behind me and the police man looks to the back of my car and says in a somewhat gruff voice, "Excuse me!"  To that Zeke became silent.  The officer says that he will be right back, and again in what felt like a long time he sat in his car writing me a ticket.  During which time Zeke is asking me if I am going to jail.  The officer comes back and says, "I am going to cut you a break and only site you for nine over the speed limit, not the seventeen over."  I say thank you and then am on my way.  The entire time I am driving off I am thinking, I did not see a school zone sign, so either I totally deserve this ticket or there was not one clearly posted and to that I am bummed... my very first ticket after nine years of driving, and of course it had to come from a Colorado officer who are sticklers and kind of jerks!  So although my entire day was great up until that point I feel kind of bummed and feel like my good "air" as it were from the morning is gone!  I got my first ticket ever.  So my little drive to get my boys to take a nap wound up costing me almost $100... that is a very expensive nap if you ask me!