Monday, May 24, 2010

Love my husband

I know that is somewhat cliche, but there are some days that I am just hit by how awesome Michael really is.  As I am reading through the book Love and Respect I was challenged by something that it said... find reason to respect your husband, search out reasons that you appreciate your husband - So with that challenge I have taken the time to really consider some of the reasons.
This weekend was prime...
Saturday we all woke up and just hung out, around ten Ki started to get really fussy and so Michael laid him down for his nap and got him to sleep and then after Ki was asleep Michael come over to me and said that I should lay down and rest too.  So Ki and I rested for a while together.  Then after about an hour Michael came in and said that he was going to take Zeke out so that I could have some quiet time to myself.  Let me just say that I felt very spoiled and loved!  Michael saw that I was tired and he took care of everything allowing me the chance to "regroup".
The last two weekends Michael has been making it a point that we go to church, I am so in awe that it is him that is being the "instigator" of our church time!  I love that he is making it a priority for our family.  Not only does he make church a priority but he is totally supportive of me when I ask that we get to church in time for worship, even though he really does not like that time of the church service, he knows that it means a lot to me and therefore he makes sure that we are out of the house in time for us to make it to church in plenty of time to get the kids checked in and for us to find a seat.
Yesterday at church our pastor has mentioned that it was Compassion International weekend and that there were many children that were in need of sponsorship, my heart strings were definitely pulled - and after church I found out that Michael's were too.  After church we went to the foyer to find out that we had to have a check book to make the first payment so Michael said that we would go and pick up the boys and then go home to get the check book and then come back and as a family we would select a child.  Our goal was to find someone that was around Zeke's age - the closest we found was between a boy and a girl, the boy's birthday was July of 2006 and the girl's birthday was October of 2006.  We asked Zeke which one he wanted and Zeke chose Joan the little girl from Uganda.  So our fridge has the face of a very cute little girl.  Zeke is already planning his pictures to send to her and he is showing everyone her little picture.
After leaving church Michael took us to Morrison to have dinner and to spend some time together.  The afternoon was so nice.  We came home and watched a movie and spent some time snuggling and spending some good family time.
Today, Michael stayed home the morning with us and the entire time he was so helpful.  He helped get Ki down for a nap and then he took Zeke out in the backyard to get some work done. 
Another thing about Michael that is so wonderful is that he knows how to fix just about everything, granted there might be some language and it may take some time but he is able to fix it. 
I am a truly blessed woman!