Monday, May 17, 2010

The First of Many

Today was the first of many more warm days spent in the backyard, I am sure.  This morning we had a play date and then came home had lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon out playing in the backyard.  It was nearly 75 degrees today and both of the boys had a blast in the backyard.  Yesterday I think was the kickoff, in the evening the boys and I played with a small bucket of water figuring out what things sink and float.  Zeke was making his guesses and then we would see, for the most part he was right on every single one of the items - my little scientist!  Today he started off doing the "float and sink" thing while I cleaned up from lunch and then I went out to see what he was trying and I found him standing in the bucket in nothing more than his underwear.  I decided that it was nice enough so I lathered the boys up in sunscreen and put on swim trunks and let them splash and play in the big water bucket... I did take pity on them and instead of filling it with hose water I filled it with bath water, Zeke kept calling the big bucket his outside bath.  This evening when I told him that it was bath time, he simply said, "Mom I have been in my outside bath all day."  I smiled and told him nice try!
Hope that you enjoy a few of our pictures from today!
Zeke seeing if he floats or sinks
Ki all slathered up with sunscreen and enjoying the warm weather
Zeke sitting in his outside bath
Ki was not too sure about the outside bath, he was okay with brother being in it but he preferred to wonder and not be stuck in the tub.
No matter how many times I tell Zeke that this is called a dandelion he calls them "mommylions".  I just had to get a picture of his with the "mommylion"
It seems like every day Zeke grows up more, he does not look like a baby to me any more!
The boys inspecting Ki's next snack... on the menu, Ladybugs.  Zeke is scared of bugs and Ki loves to snack on them!