Saturday, May 8, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday was doctor appointment day for my boys.  Zeke had his three year check up and Ki his one year check up.  In the words of our doctor, "We have some deluxe million dollar boys."  I would have to agree with him.  Both of the boys are growing well and are developing just as they should be. 
Tomorrow we are going and picking up two twin beds (bunk bed set, but will have them as two twins side by side).  Zeke is very excited that he and Ki will be sharing a room. 
Ki has been doing really good on being independent as far as going to bed at night.  The last few nights we can tell Ki to go to his room for night night and he starts trekking up the stairs, tonight he did make a few trips back down but over all he is doing really well. 
Today was the first time I think ever that Zeke and I sat down and had a conversation.  The entire time I had a grin ear to ear - it was one of those moments that I am sure will be forever etched in my mind.  Zeke and I sat down stairs in the basement, he on my lap as Ki played and told me that he needed to buy me a new car... the reasoning was what made me laugh - because the driver side does not have a "oh crap" handle and all the other seats do.  So Zeke informed me that he is going to buy me a new truck that have four wheels and has handles for every seat.  I asked him how he was going to buy the car and he said that he was going to take the money that is on the counter to do it - mind you he is talking about the change cup.  Then I asked him how he was going to get the car home, he said that he was going to drive it and beep his horn.  Yes, I realize that this conversation was not an earth shattering one, but with all the struggles that he has had with his words the last few months it was so neat to talk with him and share a conversation back and forth.
Three days ago I put the boys down for a nap on my bed, as I have often been doing.  I went down stairs to get some stuff done and after about an hour and a half I hear some giggling coming from my room, usually when Ki wakes up it is crying so the change made me run up stairs even faster.  What I found was too precious, both of the boys had woken up and were trying to jump on my bed.  Zeke was holding Ki's hands helping him stand up and they were having a blast.  I am not a fan of bed jumping but to see my boys playing together warmed my heart.
In the last two days Ki has learned how to walk backwards and he thinks that he is the big cheese.  Tonight I got him out of bed and was drying him off and he started walking backwards away from me, with the biggest grin - I wanted to be upset that he was not standing still so that I could get him dried and dressed but he made me laugh. 
My babies are not going to be babies for much longer - gotta hug and kiss on them as much as I can!