Friday, July 2, 2010

Biggest Loser

So the Potter family decided back in March that we would do a family biggest loser challenge.  I decided that I would join in on the challenge since heaven knows I have some baby fat to get rid of.  On March 30th I weight in at 172, yikes I know!  However now three months later I am proud to say that I have lost twelve pounds.  There was a time where the weight was just falling off, I had gotten down to a weight loss of seventeen pounds but unfortunately some of that found it's way back onto me.  More importantly I feel is that I am in better shape.  I have started jogging while I take the boys for walks, that of which I claimed I wouldn't do unless someone was chasing me and even then would be questionable - but I have been doing it!  I have tried to adjust our families meals to be a little more healthy, instead of white rice we have brown, instead of butter I use olive oil... little steps to get everyone on the right foot.  One of the best things I feel is that Michael has been able to notice some of the body improvements through my hard work and has begun complimenting me on them - it is nice to know that my hard work is noticeable, if only for my husband! I will say that I am a little bummed that I was not able to loose my goal weight of thirty pounds but I suppose that would be a little ridiculous in three months time.  So I will find out in a week if I was the biggest loser for the family challenge, part of me is thinking that I am not but it should be nice if I was - you know that competitive side of me needs a little bump in confidence!