Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday School

So today was my day to help at church in the Sunday School class.  I guess during the summer parents of regular attendance have to help one weekend during the summer as there is often teacher on vacation and such.  Well today was my day.  Let me first say that I have a new appreciation for good Sunday School teachers, they never know who will be showing up in their class or how many.  My next thing is I think that just about every child that was in the class was a little more "rough around the edges".  My thought was, I am sure that the parents just need a little break from their kids and therefore they are at church for that break!  My last thought - in the nicest way as possible is... there are not enough good Sunday School teachers!  Bless this poor ladies soul, she must have a heart for kids but her classroom management was sorely lacking and her overall knowledge of the age group was lacking even greater!  I was running the class and she kept saying things like, "Oh that is a good idea, oh I would have never thought of that..."  By the end of service I felt like I wanted to pull my hair out!  There was a part of me that felt like I needed to say something to the coordinator, however I was afraid to for fear that she would ask me to be a teacher!  Is that bad?  I guess I know the answer however that was and still is my thought!  I know that it is hard to find good Sunday School teachers but I feel that there should be some sort of bench mark set, maybe a class taught or something - this woman I am sure had her heart in the right place but her knowledge of the kids and managing the class were way out of wack.