Sunday, July 18, 2010

Much to Update

On July 6th I took Ki in for another ear infection... we are not going to make it to the end of August in one piece I fear.  I got home from the doctor appointment to overhear Michael telling our neighbor that we were leaving to vacation the next afternoon.  I politely correct my husband and remind him that we are not leaving on the 7th but the 8th.  Michael gives me his Kulow grin and says, "Nope we are leaving tomorrow the travel trailer guy called and said we could pick up the trailer on Wednesday for free, oh and the house sitter will be here in a few to go over the house stuff."  As I am sure you can imagine my head was spinning!  Had to get the house cleaned up, get everything packed and make sure that everything is in order one day less than I was planning. 
Everything went off without a hitch.  I got everything packed... oh yeah and Michael packed just about the entire kitchen, garage and house!  We left our house around 8pm on Wednesday in Michael's truck pulling a rented 27 foot travel trailer.  Yes, I know camping to most means sleeping in a tent on the hard ground - well not for us, we have upgraded due to the fact of having two small boys that would need naps (and a daddy too!).  Upon our first stop in Larime, WY we pulled into a WalMart to sleep and discovered that we had encountered our very own oil spill.  Don't worry it sounds a lot worse than it really was!  Our pantry had opened and all of the contents spilled out, included in the contents was a full bottle of Crisco vegetable oil!  Yep, it was a huge mess!  Michael and I spent the next hour and a half cleaning the trailer and trying to salvage hat we could of our food.  I am glad to announce that after that little mishap our trip was pretty much problem free!
We arrived in Heber, Utah for the biannual family reunion for my side of the family.  We surprised everyone as our plans were not to arrive for another day.  Thankfully our site was open and we set up our trailer and spent the next six hanging out.  There were a few days that it was just Michael, Ki and I and then towards the end Michael and I got to spend some time by ourselves as the boys hung out with Papa and Gigi.  We spent some time jet skiing, we took a few day trips around the area including Heber Valley train, Bridal Falls, and Timpanogos Caves.  All in all a great trip!
After a week of "roughing" it in the travel trailer Michael and I are convinced that is the only way to do camping now! 

On our way home from our trip Michael and I got to talking about just how comfortable our family feels.  We are loving the ages of our boys and thinking that things are great.  While talked I inform Michael and I had a feeling that I was pregnant.  Michael sighed and said that we needed to find out for sure.  So as we drove into Littleton we stopped by WalMart and picked up a pregnancy test.  Thursday morning I woke up early to discover that our Kulow family of four was now a Kulow family of five.  After a trip to Planned Parenthood it was confirmed!  Michael and I are expecting our third baby in March - I am seven weeks pregnant.
After day of utter shock, Michael and I are excited about what blessings are to come from this little bundle.  Friday I spent the afternoon with a friend getting a pedicure.  Upon my arrival home Michael said we were leaving to get in the car.  He wouldn't tell me where we were going but just to get in the car.  After a quick drive to downtown Littleton I discovered that we were looking at a new car.  Saturday it was settled... Michael bought me a new GMC Acadia.  Okay not new but a 2008 - fully loaded and they took my truck as a trade in.  Michael told me that it was just time to do it, with the new baby on the way and before we have to put new brakes on my truck we traded up!  I am so excited about it - I have not seen the new car yet, they were fixing a ding in the back hatch and so they were repainting the area so it was baking.  So as for now I am breathlessly waiting for the call informing me that the car is ready - they said it would be ready by Tuesday at the latest. 
Yeah for me!  A wonderful week of family vacation, news of a new addition to the family, a girl date, and a new car!