Friday, July 30, 2010


No, I am not talking about the fruit.
I am talking about the unnerving blowing on any bare skin.  
Ki has an extreme fascination with giving raspberries, much to my annoyance.  This fascination is somewhat funny however I have become rather weary of it.  No bare skin is safe from the slobbery and sometimes snotty blows of Ki.  
Yesterday as I was hunched over the toilet cleaning it my shirt had come up and there was a small patch of skin showing between my shirt bottom and the tops of my shorts.  As my head was behind the toilet scrubbing the wonderful markings of a little boy I felt these cold little fingers grab my sides and low and behold the slobbery and snotty face of Ki smooshed against my skin to the infamous raspberry.  He pulled away for a second to catch his breath only to smoosh his face against my back once more, and yet again!  After three puffs he pulled back and let out a big ol' belly laugh.  Trust me, my frustration was there that I was ambushed from behind, but there were some quiet chuckles on my behalf! 
This evening as I was cleaning up from dinner I was ambushed yet again... this time under my dress.  I know craziness!  I was standing at the sink washing dishes and Ki pulled up my dress from behind and grabbed hold of my thigh and gave it a big raspberry.  After which he came out from under my dress and shrieked in excitement.  He had found his new fun game for the evening.  After a few surprise raspberries and the dishes being complete I decided that I had to change out of a dress and get something on that covered a little more skin.
He is one silly little guy - I must say!