Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well I feel a little more at ease today!  Today was my first OBGYN appointment and after a much longer waiting time than I was use to with my former doctor, I got to see that our little one is there and heart is fluttering.  Nothing is quite like that first appointment!  Being that I can't feel the baby moving nor was really believing that I was pregnant (just without a period for the last two months)... seeing that little alien shape and hearing the whooshing noise of that little heart made my anxious heart relax.  My heart must have been a little more anxious than I thought because my blood pressure was awful high, which has caused me to skip the four week appointment schedule and bump right up to the two week appointments.  So, in two weeks I will be meeting with the doctor to discuss the possible need to put me on a low dose of blood pressure meds as a means of being proactive in the hypertension department. 
My due date is still the first week of March - however after talking with the NP she said that we will most likely be planning an induction date due to my past history and a means of controlling the pace of labor and delivery.  So with that said we may actually be looking at the end of February of 2011.  Michael jokingly said that I need to be about five week late... to have three April babies, I don't think the NP thought that was too funny - she just kind of looked at him with funny look and a tilted head.  I could almost hear her thoughts of, "When was the last time you carried a baby?"  It did make a chuckle inside I will admit!
I am sure that there will be more information to come as we continue down this unplanned adventure!  One thing the NP said that made me smile was after I explained my concern about having been on birth control and maintaining my pill regiment and my possible concerns about the baby's development, she simply said - "This baby was meant to be and there is nothing on the ultrasound that would lead me to be concerned about the current development."  So this little one may have been unplanned by us, but God knew from the very beginning and has a very special plan for it!  I guess we will just have to sit back and see what is to come of our little number three!