Monday, April 26, 2010

From the Mouth of Zeke

Today we were driving around and Zeke said to me, "Mommy my bunny ears are broken!"  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I got to a stop light and looked back at him to see if he could show me what he was talking about and he holds up his shoe laces... he had pulled the laces apart and there were no more "bunny ears". 
Last week I went into the gas station to get a hot chocolate and as I was going into the store a man held the door open for me and apparently smiled at me and I smiled back.  When I got back in the car Zeke was very incensed and said, "That man smiled at our mom."  He had furrowed brows and was very upset that the man smiled at his mom.  I tried explaining to him that the man was being polite, but that was not flying with him... so be ware, men... don't smile at Zeke and Ki's mom!  LOL!