Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tube Consultation

Please be praying for us tomorrow morning!  After a long wait and way too many ear infections we have a tube consultation tomorrow morning.  How it all happened I am convinced was God's hands.  After Ki's last ear infection the last week of June I had called and made an appointment for tube consultation and the soonest appointment I could get was the 30th of August.  After a little relapse we were back in the doctor the first week of July.  I walked out of that appointment and made another call to the ENT and requested that we be put on a wait list for appointment cancellations.  I was afraid that we would get a call while we were on vacation for an appointment, however we did not. 
Last Wednesday I realized that Ki had another ear infection and took him in Thursday morning - Yep, I was right another double ear infection.  I left that appointment in tears!  Here I have been waiting for our appointment and we have had two double ear infections waiting for our appointment.  Desperation was very much there Thursday post appointment so I called another ENT in our insurance group that is about an hour away and simply said, "Here we are waiting for a tube consult and we are getting ear infections left and right I need something, anything... I am willing to drive anywhere at this point."  The receptionist was very nice and explained that the drive would not be just once but most likely five times, for the consult, surgery, post surgery, and post surgery check up.  I was in tears at this point and said I will take whatever.  She put me on hold and was back in a few seconds and said, "I have an appointment on Monday, August 2nd at 10:10am - with the best pediatric ENT in the group.  Does that work for you?"  Through tears of desperation came tears of gratitude and pure amazement at God's working hand.  I thanked her a million times and got off the phone in amazement. 
Later that day I got a call back from her explaining that Ki cannot have an active ear infection for the consult... oh great!  She said that with the antibiotics we should be good but that I need to be very mindful about giving it to him to eliminate the infection that is present.  She also said that for the surgery to be scheduled that he has to be infection free.  I am a little worried about both of these... so please be praying!  She also informed me that our insurance is not showing that the boys are covered as of July 31st and that if that is the case she will have to cancel the appointment.  Needless to say it is a computer error, however I am a little fearful that I will make the hour drive out there tomorrow morning to be informed that they cannot see him - I know we have insurance, however it was approved on the 28th and so the transfer of information from the subscriber to the insurance had not taken place as of Friday when I called to check... hope it goes through by 10:10am tomorrow morning!  As you can see, there are a few things to be praying about!