Friday, October 29, 2010


This morning was the very first time that Zeke woke up and recalled his dream.  It was the funniest thing!  Zeke came running into my room this morning saying that there was a wolf (aka the kind of dog that Michael wants) in there and he was playing with him.  Zeke crawled up into bed with me and continued to ask me where that wolf went, because they were just playing together and now he can't find him.  After a while of laying in bed and snuggling the boys and I got up to start our morning.  I noticed that Zeke had lost a sock in the middle of the night and I asked him about where it was.  Zeke said that wolf took it off and was playing with it. 
I have to say that was the neatest moment for me to witness and for Zeke to now realize about the dream world.  I don't think that still to this time (now almost bedtime again) knows that it was just a dream because he has asked me a few times where that wolf is.  I am excited for Zeke as he now enters the new world of dreams!