Thursday, October 14, 2010


No better "word" describes my day.  Let me first say that I am totally thankful that the day is just about done... Ki is asleep already and Zeke's blinks are getting longer and longer, which in trade means I can go to bed soon as well. 
It all began this morning - not first thing but around 8:38am, to be specific!  My morning was going really well actually.  I woke up around six this morning and both my boys were still sleeping so I jumped in the shower.  Michael left for a two day work trip at 6:30 and Ki woke up around then as well.  Zeke went down stairs and laid on the couch.  The boys and I enjoyed some fresh fruit and muffins for breakfast and then we got dressed and headed out for our day.  This morning was my first morning for bible study.  I got the boys loaded in the car and then got in the front seat for myself, I turned the key to start the car to no avail.  Three tries and nothing!  Ugh!
After an attempted call to my husband I tried calling two friends.  At the same time as I was making my calls of desperation my neighbor was pulling out to take her son to school.  I asked her if she could give me a jump, to which she said that she could but that she would have to get her son to school first and then she would help.  She returned from dropping off her son and pulled her car back into her garage and closed the door and she was no where to be found!  Another call of desperation to a friend who agreed to drive to my house and help me and a call to my dad to make sure I would know how to use jumper cables when my friend got here.  By this time it is already 9:15 and I am now late for bible study (being late is a huge pet peeve of mine) and still no power to my car.  As I am getting ready to call it quits and head in the house and call it a day my neighbor walks out of her house with a battery charger.  I make a call to my one friend and call her off and two minutes later my car is running and we are on our way. 
I arrived at bible study thirty minutes late - and to be honest if it weren't for knowing that I needed some down time from my boys than I would have not even gone to bible study.  I was glad that I made the trip though, it was well worth the "me" time.  After bible study we headed home for lunch and then back out because I forgot to go to the bank for Michael.  After taking the stuff to the bank the boys and I headed over to the medical clinic to get Zeke's preschool physical filled out and while we were there the boys both got their flu shots and I made Ki's year and a half appointment. 
Then began my remainder of my "UGH" day - I took my car over to O'Reily's to have my battery checked to which the guy informed me that although my battery is low there is something that is pulling and depleting my battery.  The guy suggested that I take my car into the dealership and have it checked out.  I called Michael to verify that he agreed with that of which he did.  At this point it is about 1:30 - also known as nap time!  Not wanting to deal with another rough morning of having to get jumped I figured "now" is better than later.  We arrived at the dealership around two.  The boys and I left our car in the hands of the service department and headed into the waiting area.  Forty minutes of trying to wrangle two little tired boys the service guy comes out and tells me that my battery needs to be replaced and that there was a recall on a battery draining item in the car.  I am sure he could see it in my face and he simply said, "It will all be taken care of for free, it will take a few hours but it will be free."  I guess free was the word I needed - a few hours with tired boys in a waiting area... but free! 
Two hours of waiting we were leaving the dealership at 4:30... all of us tired, hungry and a little grumpy!  Dinner out was a requirement.  We got home at 5:30 the boys were showered and Ki was asleep by 6:04 and in the time it took me to write this post Zeke has fallen asleep.  So although today was a rough one of which I do not want to repeat, no naps means early bed time which is a good thing.  Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!  The boys and I are headed for Buena Vista to visit Michael's mom for the day so a road trip and our last visit of the year are in store for the three of us... a good night's sleep will be needed.