Saturday, October 9, 2010


If only it was possible to have a scratch and sniff post for this morning... After a really rough day yesterday and quiet honestly a somewhat rough week I woke up this morning and determined that Today was going to be different.  
Close your eyes and imagine all the glorious smells in my house right now...
Yankee Candle's Farmers Market candle burning in the kitchen window
Chocolate mint teecinno brewing in the coffee pot
Banana bread baking in the oven
A load of dishes being washed in the washer (adding to the warm feeling in my kitchen right now)
A load of laundry in the dryer with fabric softener going down stairs
Yes - I am sure your smelling senses are on overload, and so are mine but all of the smells combined are my weary attempts to make today a new and fresh day!

After what has felt like a long stint of flu bugs in my house I was very excited when Bed Bath and Beyond came out with their coupon of buy $15 worth of product and get $5 off... needless to say that coupon was spent on fall tarts and a fall candle for my house.  I was sharing with my mom this week that now my house smells like fall rather than an institution... being that Clorox wipes have been used as my main staple around the house for what felt like over a month.
This week has been a rough one - granted not entirely for me but more for Michael which in trade makes it hard for me.  Not to diminish any of his pain... but my routines get thrown off and my worry level goes from just the two younger boys to all three of them (Michael being number three).  Last Sunday while at church Michael started experiencing some horrible pains.  I was called out of service by Ki's number to be greeted with the nursery coordinator telling me that I need to take my husband to the hospital immediately.  As I walked downstairs to get the boys I see Michael standing in the middle of the area pale faced and sweaty.  Not sure as to what was going on with him I got the boys as quickly as possible and we headed to the car at which point Michael started explaining what was going on.  After about an hour or two of extreme pain for Michael it subsided.  Monday he stayed home hoping that whatever the pain was would go away with laying around and not working.  It seemed to work.  However Tuesday night after a long work day he said that he was hurting a little.  Wednesday night after another long work day Michael said that the pain had returned and was feeling really bad.  Thursday morning was a late start due to the pain and then Thursday night he got home early and spent the evening and through the night in extreme pain.  Friday morning he had had enough!  He went to a wellness clinic at the local Walgreens at which the nurse told him that she could not help him but she scheduled an appointment at a local doctor's office that takes cash patients.  By four o'clock we were talking out of the doctor's office with two prescriptions and $99 out of our pocket.  I filled the prescriptions for $55 and by seven last night Michael was in drug heaven.  Come to find out Michael has been experiencing kidney stones - finally doctor confirmed after five days of Google diagnosis.   The doctor said that if he is not able to pass them on his own then a CAT scan will be required mid next week to determine if it is blocking and what size it is and if laser destruction will be needed.  So please pray for a quick and now painless passage of these pesky stones that have been causing such havoc!