Friday, October 22, 2010

A Mommy's Job Is Never Done

Oh how true that statement is!  Yesterday at MOPS we talked about the characteristic of resiliency and how it is key to motherhood.  I chimed in and said without it one might go crazy!  Yep - that is me today.  Going crazy. 
I just did all the laundry on Sunday/Monday... six loads and here I am on Friday and I have done so far four loads and I have two more to do.  How is that possible?  Granted I am doing duvets and sheets today, that is normally a Monday job but I didn't get to them so they got pushed off until today - however sakes alive!  I feel like no matter how on top of laundry I am there is always piles to be done.  The getting it from the top level to the basement and then separated feels like a huge task.  After it is separated then getting each load washed and folded is the next hurtle.  However by far the most difficult task is getting the clean clothes off the folding table, into laundry baskets, up to the top floor and put away in the closets.  UGH! 
Today as I sit in the basement while the boys play and I am feverishly getting laundry done I am looking over the boys play area realizing that I need to do something with all the toys.  For whatever reason my boys think that to play down in the basement every toy box needs to be emptied and laying strewn on the floor.  I find myself picking up toys the entire time they are down here trying to keep some sort of order.  Yes, I realize that I should just sit back and relax but that is a skill that I am still trying to learn.  So until then I am thinking that I need to make a trip to Home Depot to get a clothes rack for the dress up clothes, a full length mirror to make a dress up area in the room and then maybe one or two boxes to pack up some of the toys that are not really played with so that I can hide them. 
It has been a week and counting since my dishwasher has died a very painful loss in the house - as far as I am concerned... oh yeah and my hands are concerned too!  My dishwasher has been dying a slow and long death... the dishes have been coming out dirtier and dirtier.  Last weekend I thought I would give it one last try, so I cleaned it out entirely and gave it a bleach spin only with no dishes.  Then on Monday we had a friend over for dinner and rather than hand washing all those dishes I thought... one last try to show me what it could do.  Needless to say Tuesday when I ran the machine and got the dishes out I was sorely disappointed!  My pre-wahsed dishes were dirtier then when they went into the darn thing.  How can that be?  I have scoured the entire machine trying to find a clean out spot and have found none.  I sent an email to our property manager on Sunday night and have heard nothing from them about this tragic loss in our house!  My hands are so stinking dry and cracking from all the hand washing and dish washing and I cannot wait until I hear back from the property manager - and I am hoping when I do hear back it will be to say that they are headed over to replace my dishwasher!
Well, as I have written about the fact that my job is never done the basement has gotten pretty messy and my dryer just informed me that it needs to be emptied and the clothes folded.  Maybe after that I will get the boys down for a nap and sneak a little one myself!