Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paci Be Gone

Yesterday I made the executive decision that the Paci would be no more in our house.  Why?  The last week Ki has been waking up four and five times at night because he has lost his paci and can't find it.  I have been getting up with him to search for the paci and then get him back to sleep.  My thought was - I am already getting up a bunch to try and get him back to sleep, what is going to be the difference if he has a paci or not.  Yesterday was a rough day!  He only napped for forty minutes and woke up crying because he did not have his paci.  Last night he struggled around for a good hour trying to fall asleep and kept pointing to his mouth and trying to pull me to the place where the pacis were stored.  After a good fight he fell asleep... through the entire night!  Granted it might be due to the fact that he was so tired from such a short nap but he slept through the night last night.  So we have begun the what I feared would be a very long week or two... however that might not be the case!?!?!  Wish me luck... and patience!