Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Intentions

You know those people that just ooze friendliness/thoughtfulness... the ones that see you in the hall and stop to ask very specific questions about your life/day, or the ones that send you little notes in the mail to just say "hi", or the ones that purchase little thinking of your gifts out of the blue.  Well - I don't fit into any of those categories!  I really try to - I think about it and then the thought passes and before I know it I have moved on and forgotten my good intention with the unexpected aspects of life.  I hate that, trust me it is in there but I have very little time to actually make that a priority.  I guess coming home from a MOPS morning and being around other moms that have those characteristics and actually act on them makes me more aware of the value that they bring to life - both the giver and the receiver's.  As of late my mind has been consumed with people that have been on my mind and I am going to try to make a conscience effort to let them know that they are being thought about and prayed for!  So if you get a card, email, call or gift from me know that you have been on my mind alot!  Granted I know that it will take some time to make this a priority characteristic... so with that said, if you don't get something don't think that you have been wiped from my mind - I am a work in progress!