Friday, October 1, 2010


Have recently rediscovered the wonderful taste of Teecinno coffee.  When I lived with my aunt and uncle in Washington they used to drink it every day and I loved it.  Being that I am pregnant and caffeine is not allowed I remembered this wonderful coffee substitution.  This morning I ran out and bought some Chocolate Mint Teecinno and some Silk Hazelnut creamer - let me just say my mouth and my tummy are thanking me. 

After much deliberating we have decided to move Zeke to two mornings a week for preschool.  I think that it will be much better for everyone involved.  I am excited about it because that means I get to have him around a little more.  Trust me there are definitely days that I want him out of my hair but I will say that within the last two weeks Zeke has been such a big helper.   I guess that whole getting older is doing some real good for him!  He has been helping me with Ki and helping me around the house.  One of the things that I have thoroughly enjoyed is being able to have conversations with him - granted not the average Joe can sit down and have a conversation with him... which in my mind makes those times even more special!

A few weeks ago Michael and I watched a television special about "Blood Diamonds".  Ever since watching that show I have been plagued by the scenes that were shown.  While watching the show I told Michael how happy I am that my wedding ring is not a diamond.  That's right my shinny ring is not a diamond but a rare mineral found in meteorites.  I will say that after watching that special I am convinced that I am sticking with my meteorite mineral for any future jewelry!

Yesterday I needed to run out and get another wet bag for the diapers.  I have found that while I am washing the dirty diapers I wind up with one or two diapers that need to be changed and was not sure what to do with them.  So I got another wet bag to keep in the house for those times... well while I was at the store getting the new wet bag I came across a fun and efficient new cloth diaper item.  Liners - yes my friend had told me about them but I had never seen them at the stores I had been at and while shopping around the sales lady told me about them - I am hooked!  I bought a package of them and have been using them since yesterday morning and I am wondering why I didn't search harder for these things before.  Diaper cleaning post bowel movements just got a lot easier! 

Brothers... really?  As I look at my two boys I find myself thinking... they sure do not look anything alike!  Which has got me thinking about what number three is going to look like!  Both Zeke and Ki are a pretty good mix of Michael and I but different features.  I don't think the average person who were to see the two would put it together that they are brothers.  Not only are their looks so different but their little personalities are different too - I guess that is what makes every day a new adventure! 

Like I said the title sums up this post - I have been thinking about all these things and thought it would be silly to post them all separate and thus this post has evolved.  Hope that you have a great day!