Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to

The last few days have been full of times that I have said to myself... "I wish I knew how to..."  Thus that brings me to this post.  Maybe you have some of the answers!

How to I clean my washing machine without using bleach?  I have been trying to rid my house of bleach products and now need to know how to do that.  I have heard of vinegar... but the amount and such still somewhat eludes me being that I have a front loading machine.

How do I strip my cloth diapers?  After a horrible diaper rash phase with Ki I have completely put the cloth diapers on the shelf and am using disposables.  Ki's little bottom erupts into a horrible red bumped up rash which leads to bleeding.  After some researching I am realized that maybe I need to "strip" my cloth diapers.  Hoping that stripping will help with the diaper rashes, the lack of absorbency and the ammonia smell that occurs after he urinates. 

How do I clean my dryer?  Yeah I know cleaning the lint trap with warm soapy water but how do I clean the inside of my dryer?  (This has come about as a result of needing to strip my diapers... I was told that if I use fabric softeners for my other clothes that maybe the wax in my dryer is building up on my cloth diapers causing the previously mentioned issues.)  I read somewhere that using heavy duty aluminum balled up will clean up the inside of the dryer from the waxy build up as well as I can use it on a regular basis to help rid my clothes of static cling... replacing the need to dryer sheets (granted that is going to take away the smell factor that drives my need to use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets - not sure if I am ready for that one!).

How do I get those metal stretches off my white sink?  Whenever I wash my cookie sheets they scratch my sink and leave a metal gray smear on it... I have tried scrubbing it but it just does not give.

I have looked things up on the internet but some of the stuff I am not sure if I want to be the first to try it and take the chance of ruining my household items!