Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday's Mind Wonderings

Some thoughts that have been running through my mind today...
Why when I begin thinking about getting my hair cut do I begin having good hair days?  Very frustrating!  The last time my hair was cut was for my sister's wedding in December.  It is in need of some grooming but I am afraid that someone will not know what they are doing and I will end up with a hack job.
My computer has been running really slow and so it led to this thought: If one year equals seven in dog years what is it for computers?  I am thinking that it must be about the same!  My computer will be four years old this Christmas but it sure acts a heck of a lot older.
I have been feeling the "pressure" to make Christmas cards.  I know that must sound absurd and it probably is, but the thought will not leave me alone.  I keep hoping that if I don't mind that little voice inside of me that time will pass and so will the thought!
So many of my friends have been making quilts and cute little sewn gifts and the more and more I see of their creations I am feeling the creative itch myself.  I think the bottom line is I am in need of some creative outlet and I have not given myself the time or money for it - I am afraid if I keep ignoring it I will loose all sense of creativity that I know is inside of me... somewhere.
Today I had my 24 week doctor appointment and I asked about what a tubal would look like, as far as time for the actual surgery, recovery and such.  This has been something that has been weighing on my mind for a while now and I am glad to finally have some answers.  Twenty four hours post delivery I will be taken to OR for a surgery that will last no longer than an hour and I will most likely be put under for the surgery.  My actual hospital stay will be a day longer and my recovery time will be one week.  Not bad - but more than I was thinking... so I will spend the next fourteen weeks wrapping my head around that.
Last week was Ki's first speech therapy and today was his second.  I am enjoying seeing my little man make some big strides toward a language world.  This past week we have been working on the sign for "more" and he did a good job implementing that today.  This week we are going to work on the signs for "help" and "open" as well as continue with "more".  One thing the SLP said today is how amazed she is with Ki's ability to stick to a task and see it through.  I simply laughed and said that is one task that he has inherited from both sides and it is also something that can be rather frustrating at times!
In the last two weeks I have become very lazy on making dinners... there are a few reasons playing in that - the first being that by the time dinner comes around I am not hungry and therefore the thought of cooking is draining to me as well as recently Ki has decided that he does not like dinner.  Regardless of what I make it is a battle to get him to eat at dinner time.  The battle begins with the first bite and by the time I get a handful of bites in him he has decided to vomit up whatever he has eaten.  The first two times this happened I thought maybe he was feeling ill but since it has become almost a nightly routine I have realized that he just could care less for dinner.  It is hard for me to recover from his vomiting to try and enjoy my meal which usually means that I spend my dinner time cleaning up the mess and getting him showered.  So dinners are at this current time on hold in the Kulow house.
Well I think that just about covers all the mind wonderings for this Wednesday.  Michael so graciously took Zeke with him this afternoon so that Ki could have his speech without any distractions which means that all I have in the house right now is a sleeping Ki... so I think I might go and try to join him for a little shut eye.