Friday, November 26, 2010


This past week has been full of little word mile stones for Ki.  Within the last week he has been a lot more vocal and has been making word noises that are understandable to myself and Michael.  With in the last two days he has managed to say a few words and each time he says them I feel tears fill my eyes.  The words themselves are not a huge deal, but the simple fact that my little Ki guy who is 19 months is now making noise and vocalizing words that I understand makes my mommy heart jump.  Ki has just about mastered the words "Let go" which are very powerful words, he has used them in context correctly and when he says it he does so with an authority that makes me smile.  Just today he said apple and turkey... not big deals but not only did I understand him but Michael did as well.  He has also begun calling himself "Ki guy" which is really cute because he saw his reflection in the mirror and said his name.  Another neat one for Michael was this afternoon I was taking Ki up stairs to get his diaper changed and Ki yelled out "Hi da-da" as we passed him.  Little by little Ki is getting there and it is such a neat blessing to see.  My baby is growing up and becoming his own little person and now with words it makes it all the more real!