Friday, November 19, 2010


Two very cool things have just happened...
About a month ago my car was having battery troubles (don't know if you remember) I spent a few hours at the dealership getting it fixed.  Thankfully it was under warranty so it was fixed free of charge to us, good thing too because the total bill was $210.  Yesterday I went and checked the mail and there was a check from the dealership for $100 for our troubles in dealing with the recall.  Michael said that I could have the money for my troubles of sitting in the dealership for a few hours during nap time with the boys.  SCORE!
Last week I got a letter in the mail from Kaiser (the insurance that covers the boys) for a referral for Ki.  The letter did not say what the referral was for.  The letter got shuffled under another pile of papers and I didn't pay any attention to it.  Today I was cleaning up a little and re-found the letter.  I made a call to Kaiser to see what the letter was for and come to find out, Ki has been approved for Speech Therapy through insurance.  So not only was Ki accepted for speech therapy through Child Find/Early Intervention but our insurance has said they too will pay for a therapist for him.  I am so excited about this, my hope is that between the two therapists that we might be able to get Ki on track and therefore eliminating his need to attend a public preschool.  SCORE!