Sunday, November 21, 2010


In this season of Thanksgiving I have found myself in a place of being totally thankful for my friends.  In the two plus years that Michael and I have been living here in Colorado I have made some awesome friends.  Without these people I am not sure I could have survived here.  Colorado, not being my home state... no friends or family here, made the move a huge impossibility in my mind.  God being the author of all things good has shown me that I am right where He wants me.  The reason I know this truth in the bottom of my soul is because of the blessings that He has given to me in this season. 
When Michael and I moved to Colorado in July of 2008 I came kicking and fighting.  I felt like I was being taken from everything that was good and right to move to a foreign place and sequestered to a life of lonely motherhood.  So not the truth!  Within the last year I have made some awesome friends, through connections Michael had here with his friends from years past, through MOPS, through church and through playgroups.  It took me stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there, but it has truly paid off.  After the first few months of living here in Colorado I realized that with Michael's crazy work schedule and my life surrounded around Zeke I needed to get out and meet other women.  My conversations had to consist of more than, "No" Don't touch", with Zeke and I had to have my needs met because I was miserable.  I joined MOPS as well as Mother's & More knowing that friends were not going to be knocking on my door to find me, so I was on the search for them. 
A year of getting out paid off, this summer I felt like I had finally made connections.  I have been blessed with a few women that I feel like I could call up and share my frustrations with and they totally get me.  I have been blessed by the outpouring of donations for my boys in the clothing department.  I have been blessed by a few women that I know are praying for me and are there to receive a text or a call of a needed prayer. 
God truly is good!  This year's MOPS theme is "Even there" taken from Psalm 139 and that rings so true in my heart.  Even when I thought that the move to Colorado would destroy me, it has been the opposite.  I have been more blessed than I could imagine.  I have grown closer to my husband, blessed with two boys and one more to come, and blown away by the women that God has brought into my life... some for a short season and some for a lifetime.