Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High School Diets

This afternoon I had to run to the bank and it just so happened that the time that I was leaving for the bank was the same time as many of the local high schoolers were returning to school with their lunches in hand.  Here in Littleton the high school campuses are open, unlike in San Diego.  So as I was driving by the high school I saw many kids walking back to the campus with their hands full of their lunches.  As I was driving I was in awe at what they were eating... I saw kids with Starbucks, donuts, McDonald's, Wendy's, large bags of chips oh and to top it all off cigarettes.  Granted I am not condemning them for what they are eating as I was just as guilty, my high school menu consisted of breakfast of a bear claw at the local donut store, a bag of either purple or blue skittles for lunch and after school I would have a large plate of nachos and occasionally I would eat dinner.  The one thing that struck me as I was watching the parade of poor eating habits, was I am amazed that kids actually grow up and are somewhat healthy... look at me, I am not four hundred pounds, and I choose to eat my veggies and fruits - it took living through the high school years to get me to this point, perhaps!  Regardless of how we raise our kids they will get to high school and will eat crap!  Even though in our house our boys rarely have sweets and usually eat fruit for snacks I know that there will come a time that they too will eat donuts for lunch and nachos for dinner - I guess until that happens hopefully I have filled their stomachs with enough "good" food that the "bad" food will just wash through them.