Monday, October 17, 2011


I have a deadline that I have not ever had and there is a part of me that is grateful for it.  My next door neighbor had asked me if I wanted to do a craft fair with her.  She knows that I have made a few things that I have tried to sell on etsy and thought that I might be interested in getting rid of it and making a little cash at the same time.  On Saturday my neighbor came over to tell me that she signed us up for a craft fair on the 19th of November.  So needless to say all the half started projects that I began but put aside since I was not having any selling success I have figured I had better get to it!  Today I made twenty one child's hot/cold packs and started tinkering about with the paci leaches that I had in my drawer to work on.  I have three purses that are cut out and one that I began sewing, fifteen more cloth diaper burp rags and one more baby quilt... we will see how many I get done.  My goal is to get the three purses, ten paci leaches, fill and finish the hot/cold packs and the burp rags.  I have a few headbands that I have the stuff for but if I don't get to those I am not too bummed, they are cheap and won't bring in a potential of much profit.  So one month to get it done!