Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Cookin'?

In the last three years of being a stay at home mom my cooking skills have come a long ways.  When we moved to Colorado in July of 2008 I had never really cooked... maybe boiled some water for pasta, toasted bread... that is about it.  When we lived in San Diego Michael was the cook.  He would make meals for me when I got home from work, granted most meals were eaten by myself due to his work schedule.  When we relocated I became a full time mommy, house cleaner and cook.  The first two were not so hard for me to adjust to... the last gave me nightmares.  I purchased a few cooking magazines and I stalked foodie blogs and websites.  I made a few "dog s***" meals, but I worked through it. 
Three years into this whole cooking thing I have come into my own.  Tonight was one of those nights were I made something totally without a recipe and it actually turned out well.  When I first began this whole cooking thing I was a stress ball trying to make sure that I followed a recipe to the T and had no idea how variate at all.  Tonight I made a split pea soup, granted not something big but I opened my spice cupboard and had fun with it... Michael came home and asked me how it was, I told him, "I was just waiting for you to tell."  I watched as he tried it and to my surprise he said it was good and it didn't need a thing!  Pat on my back!