Sunday, October 16, 2011

"That House"

You know those houses that you drive by and think..."If that ever goes up for sale I would jump at the opportunity to buy it."  Well one of my "houses" came up for sale.  Not only have I driven by it a few times and thought it but a few years ago I purchased something off of craigslist from the owner.  When I drove up to it I fell in love with the outside look, the roof peaks, the wrap around porch and the land around it.  Today as we were out looking at a few houses we drove by this one and saw that it was for sale.  We stopped and got out and walked around the house, looked in the windows and planned where we would put things and dreamed.  We came home to find the price of it... well, it will just be a dream house to drive by and think... wish we could!  Kind of cute... take a look for yourself... "That House".