Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picture Mania

This post is nothing different than my crazy picture taking habits... Stories to follow each picture.
On Thursday Michael took the boys and I out to dinner at a place called Wild Ginger.  The food was yummy and the whole experience was pretty neat too.  The boys loved sitting on the floor eating dinner.

Riah is currently cutting three teeth, everything he can get his hands on he will put in his mouth.

I think my rose bush is confused!  See those roses in the corner?  Yeah, that is the color of my rose bush however this white rose just bloomed.  It is kind of neat but funny looking!

Here are the boys who are proud growers of these two pumpkins.  We had three but the smallest pumpkin rotted before we could get it off the vine. 

I love this little smile Riah gave me!

If there is a stair you will find Riah trying to climb it.

This story is a longer one but the short of it is... I took my car into the shop yesterday morning and got a rental and forgot to get the garage door opener and I locked myself out of the house.  Michael had to leave work to come and open the house and while we waited for Michael the boys had a few races up and down the sidewalks.

Snow day!  The boys woke up this morning at 5:30am and were ready to head out into the snow.  I dragged the snow box up from the basement, did the snow pant and jacket shuffle and sent them on their way.

Riah was eager to participate in the snow fun too!

Here is our fall tree on Sunday, October 23rd - It was 81 degrees

Here is our snow tree on Wednesday, October 26th - It was 29 degrees