Friday, October 7, 2011

Back from San Diego

The boys and I survived our trip to San Diego... I say survived because it seems that while we were there we got the flu.  YUCK!  It was not a horrible flu bug but enough to make me miss home.  Being sick outside of my house with sick babies was no fun.  Between the yuck we did get to visit some family and friends and had some fun.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.
My dad bought the boys a jeep and needless to say I am glad that it does not go all that fast and mark my words, Michael will be teaching the boys to drive and I will stay safe in our basement!

My three little men

My mom and I with my little Riah bug

Auntie Shoshy and Riah

A worn out Zeke taking a little breather after a day full of jumping, jeep driving, soccer, tag....

A very tired little Ki guy... the hair cracked me up!

Riah and Aunt Carol

Riah with Uncle Greggy

Gigi, Great-Great Grandma Talone and Riah

Zeke with his Great-Great Grandma Talone that he got his bright blue eyes from

My babies with Great Grandma Talone

Zeke and Mommy

I love this picture on so many levels... being the oldest great granddaughter with my baby sitting on great grandma's couch.  This will be one picture that will forever be etched in my mind.

A little beach time

Sunset on a CA beach with my babies... nothing could be better!