Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bundle is da BOMB

Remember when I talked about Throwing in the Cloth and then I found a store by the name of Bundle.  Well, I took my diapers there... not the week I had first intended to since we got a snow storm that week but I took them in last Wednesday and I got them back on Thursday...  Let me just say that when I got them I was busy doing other things and was not able to open the bag immediately.  When I opened my cloth diaper laundry bag that was delivered to me I almost jumped up and down with glee!  My diapers were sparkling clean.  There was no smell, they were soft, needless to say they were glorious.  OMG!  I did the Funk Rock soak on my covers yesterday and I can't wait to get cloth back on my baby.  I am feeling like my love for the cloth is back.  So if you are considering throwing in the cloth, think twice and spend some time on the internet finding a laundering service near you, it is totally worth it.