Thursday, January 19, 2012

My babies

You know those days that it hits you that your babies are growing up... I have been going through that in a major way the last few weeks.  I registered Zeke for kindergarten on Tuesday.  Ki is totally potty trained and is even making it through the nights dry.  Riah will be one tomorrow.  Sakes time sure does fly by! 
Here are a few pictures of my babies in the last week or so...  I hope that you enjoy!

The boys were wrestling and Riah had to get in on the action too.

One morning I sent the boys to the backyard to play and the started making snow castles.  They were working so well as a team I just had to snap a few!

Home Depot snow castles

The boys have been listening to their ipod and playing their new Leappads with the head phones and I caught Riah with Ki's headphones on.  He was so proud of himself!

My little heroes

That grin gets me every time!

See ya'll later!