Saturday, January 7, 2012

Liar liar pants on fire

I don't usually call people names but the FedEx person today was a liar liar pants on fire! I got a call yesterday informing me that a package was to be delivered today and that a signature was going to be required. This morning Michael had an appointment to which he brought the older two. Riah and I spent the morning playing in the front living room, actually I was playing with one of my new cameras! When Riah laid down for his nap I took him upstairs laid him in his crib and grabbed my book and came down and sat on the couch in the front living room. I did not go potty, I did not go to the basement, I positioned myself on my couch to look out the giant front window that I have to watch for the FedEx truck, two fold, didn't want to miss them coming and didn't want them to ring the door bell and wake up my baby. I sat there from ten fifteen until eleven twenty at which time Riah woke up. I ran upstairs changed his diaper and then we came back down stairs and assumed my position in front of the giant bay window. Michael got home and asked if the package came to which I declared no. He went to his office and checked his email. In his inbox was an email saying that the FedEx person tried to deliver at 11:18 and no one was home. Liar liar! I was super upset by the email and Michael knew I was telling the truth and tried calling for a redelivery and they told him the next delivery won't be until Tuesday. Seriously! UGH!