Friday, January 6, 2012

Throwing in the Cloth

I have been so tempted lately to throw in the cloth... diaper that is!  I have had a major case of ammonia and rashes.  I was sharing my troubles with a fellow cloth diapering mom and she told me about a place here in Colorado that will take your personal stash of diapers and clean them for you for a charge.  I hit the bottom of the barrel this past week and I was at my wits end with my diapers feeling like I was so done with the smell alone not to mention the condition of Riah's bottom. 
A call to the store this morning alleviated my concerns. I will bring in my diapers on Wednesday afternoon and they will deliver me my cleaned diapers on Thursday!  How glorious is that?!?!
So if you are a fellow cloth diapering mother and are about to throw in the cloth for the same reasons take a look at this company.    I will soon be back to the cloth.  A few days in disposables will be just fine with me to know that my 18 prefolds, 6 fitteds, 4 hemp doublers and 17 wipes will soon be back to their first glory.  While I am at Bundles on Wednesday dropping off my diapers I will also purchase some Funk Rock to soak my covers in for about twenty minutes that night so that once the cloth is clean my covers will be too.  I can not even begin to express how excited I am about this prospect!  I will keep you posted come Thursday/Friday with the results.