Monday, January 16, 2012

Cleaning Mania

As it turns out Mondays have become my cleaning mania days.  For the last three Mondays I have picked an area of the house and cleaned it.  The first Monday was our master closet, I cleaned out clothes, cleaned the tops of the shelves and took a large bag of stuff to Goodwill.  Last Monday I decided to attack my kitchen.  I cleaned out cupboards, tops of cupboards, counters, fridge, stove (top, under, behind and even lifted the stove top and cleaned it).  After that cleaning episode I took a large box of stuff to Goodwill.  Today was the same thing, I attacked our coat closet.  I cleaned it out reorganized it and I did purchase four cloth cubes to keep shoes in.  After that clean out I took another bag of stuff to Goodwill. 
I don't know about you but I feel so good after a good cleaning session.  I love de-cluttering and reorganizing.  I told Michael yesterday that I finally feel like the fog of having a baby has lifted and I feel like I can attack some of these chores.  For the first year of Riah's life I have felt so out of sorts and like I am just trying to keep my head above water being a mother of three.  Well, Riah will be one year on Friday and I feel like I can see clearly and I can get to some of the neglected chores. 
As I have been cleaning each of these areas I have decided that whatever I don't want to pack and move in the coming months is going to Goodwill.  I figure the more work I do now the less it will be when we find a house and begin the packing craziness - so I really am doing myself a favor in the coming months!
I will admit the area that really needs my attention now it our office and I really don't have the desire to tackle it.  I feel totally overwhelmed by it.  I think the main reason I feel overwhelmed by it is because a lot of what is in here is Michael's stuff, so I can't really do purging like I desire to... also a lot of the stuff in here is paperwork that we should keep.  UGH!  I hate that - those that know me, know that I am a purger!  If it is not being used currently or has not been used in the last year - chances are I don't need it.  I don't think that applies to bank statements, taxes and all that boring all consuming stuff!
Making progress - little by little and it feels splendid!