Sunday, November 29, 2009


Brothers will be boys! I sent both boys down to the basement to play. I stuck Ki in his johnny jumper and Zeke had free run of the basement. I folded some laundry and then went upstairs as they were playing nicely, Ki was not crying and Zeke was riding his bike - being good! I am sitting upstairs and I hear Ki laughing and Zeke is talking to him. I open the door just enough to see Ki soaring through the air. I know a video would capture exactly what I am talking about and once I get Michael to download the video I will share... but it was priceless. Zeke was grabbing the sides of Ki's jumper and pulling him to one side of the basement and letting go. Ki thought it was the best thing ever! I watched quietly for a while just enjoying my boys being brothers! Zeke decided that was boring after too many times of watching his brother soar through the air and decided to change it up a little. Zeke decided that the jumper would work like a tire swing - you got the picture? Ki was getting twisted around and around and the whole time his eyes are trying to follow his brother - both are laughing. Just one of the priceless brother moments I get to capture in my mind and share with you!