Friday, November 27, 2009

A Wonderful "Births-giving" Day

In case you are wondering that is Thanksgiving and Birthday mooshed together! : -)
I had a very nice day that started with sleeping in until 7:30 then watching the Macy's day parade with my boys. We played in the basement for a little while and then went upstairs to take an early nap. It just so happened that as I was laying them down for their naps that sleep overtook me... so an hour and half nap with my boys was what happened. Michael spent all day cooking some very yummy food. We had my father in law and his wife and our friends from San Diego over. Everyone pitched in and brought great food. Some of my favorites were... Great Grandma Talone's corn casserole made by Michael, Jackie's sweet potato casserole (that really is more a dessert) and then Talia's "birthday cake" for me - pumpkin cheese cake. So good!
After everyone left I cleaned up from dinner, swept, mopped and got everything put away so that this morning I woke up to a clean house. What's on the agenda today? Not really sure, we talked about maybe going to the mountains for a walk - one thing is for sure though, we are staying away from any and all stores! Yikes!
I pray that you too had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving!