Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Wish List

So I know that I am too old to have a Christmas wish list, but I have been adding my wishes up and I think I have more on my list this year then I have ever had. Funny I guess!
I have decided that I really want a good camera. I know I have a decent one that captures those great little shots, but I would love to have one that has a good lens on it that will allow me to capture on film some of the great things that I see, especially of my boys!
I also want a Kitchen Aid... although I really think I want this more because Michael really wants it. Every time he watches Good Eats has another food that he wants to make but says, "Not until we have our Kitchen Aid." So I think number two is more for my husband then for me!
The other thing that I really want is an Ergo baby carrier. I have always sworn by the slings but with Ki a sling really does not work. Being that Ki is a back archer, I cannot safely carry him in the sling, yeah it was nice when he was an immobile baby but now that he is so strong I need something else. I have been looking around and I have not been able to find any on Craigslist, I guess that is because everyone keeps theirs until they have worn them out completely! So I think that this is probably my number one choice!
Maybe "Santa" will have grace upon me and get me one of my wish list items!