Saturday, November 28, 2009


So I have a scooter, not a crawler! It is so funny to watch Ki scoot across the floor to get to me. He has figured out that he can get places and he works very hard at it! He stretches his little body out and bends his arms and the pushes off with his toes. Needless to say he looks like he is doing the "army crawl" elbows and toes! For a scooter he is pretty darn fast!
Not that anything in my house was ever safe having Zeke already but now it is doubly not safe! Ki really like pulling himself up on my plants... pulling them over too! I will say that I am nervous though because we have so many stairs in our house and none of them really can have gates on them because of the way/angle that they are. Basically there is no rest for me... at least until I can teach Ki how to belly down the stairs. I think that is going to have to a new chore when we get back from San Diego.