Monday, April 5, 2010

Dedicated or Crazy?

Maybe a little of both...
Today was a crazy day but good.  On Friday I got a call from the speech pathologist saying that she had an opening in her schedule and she remembered talking with me and I was a little overwhelmed and so she wanted to let me get in on the early appointment if I wanted.  As I am sure you can imagine I jumped at the chance.  So this morning was our appointment.  There was a side of me that was really nervous of the unknown but also another side of me that was relieved that I would have some tools and answers earlier than I thought.  Zeke and I left the house this morning and went to the appointment.  I was immediately at ease when I met Miss Linda and she said that  we would go into a room and play... and that was what we did, we played with cars, looked at pictures, and books and then played kitchen.  After an hour and a half I felt like a burden had been lifted, yes, Zeke has trouble with stuttering, with articulation and fluency, but there is hope, there are tools and we will take one step at a time!
After leaving Zeke's appointment I got home just in time for Lucianna to get here.  Four hours of three little ones and two of them slightly fussy... makes for a long four hours!
After Lucianna left, poor Zeke had a meltdown which only lent to Ki having a meltdown as well.  Got my boys fed dinner and then made myself a chicken Caesar salad and let them have a blast throwing legos... big mess but I needed some quiet time! 
At 7:30 I packed my boys in the stroller and pouch and went for a two mile walk... a little windy and cold but I needed to get out.  
Now I am home, Michael is home and my boys are still awake and I want to go to bed.  I want to take a shower and I am ready for the day to end!