Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Brother

Ki has realized that he is a little brother and thinks that everything that big brother does he has to do too.  Today we went to happy hour at Sonic and Zeke asked for food that he can eat in the car... whenever I drive by a Sonic he asks for food to eat in the car - silly boy.  So Michael got himself a Cherry Limeade, me a Cranberry Chiller (not helping in my efforts to loose weight, but it was soooo good!) and got Zeke cheese sticks.  I handed one back to Zeke and Ki started in with the paci throwing and open mouth bit, and when that didn't work he started yelling.  So I handed him a piece and he grinned a big ole grin at big brother.  Then this afternoon we got home from our errands and Zeke went in the backyard to play and closed the backdoor, like a good boy... Oh Ki was not having that!  Ki stood at the back door crying and screaming and trying to work the door open just enough to sneak out.  Just as he got it open enough I smelled something foul from his pants so I swooped him up and he was pissed!  He had worked so hard to get that darn sliding door open and then I come along and take him away.  The entire time I was changing his diaper he was screaming.  As soon as I was done changing him I took him back down stairs and put him in the backyard and he was all grins!  As I was walking away I told Michael that I am afraid that this is only the beginning of the, "Big brother gets to do it why not me"... or the "Big brother won't let me play with him.." phase that I fear might haunt us for the rest of our lives.  Michael only chuckled and said, "Good luck with that!"  What was that supposed to mean?  Probably thinking, "I sure am glad that I go to work and you have to deal with the boys!"  Oh well - It is all fun and I enjoy just about every minute of it... Wink... !