Saturday, April 17, 2010

If Only

If only every day could be as nice as it was today.  Woke up early and spent some time with my husband, no screaming children or boys in our bed!  Michael made a nice breakfast and we all sat down together and ate breakfast.  Then we all headed out to the front yard to get some yard work done.  Michael worked on the partition wall, I weeded and the boys played.  Yesterday Michael bought me some rose bushes so he planted those as well.  He mowed the grass and hung some flower baskets (what kind of flowers should I plant in them???  Any ideas?) while I ran to the grocery store.   Got back from the grocery store and made strawberry short cake, applesauce and watermelon sorbet.  Then the boys and I all took a shower.  We just had some friends over that we have not seen in a while and we sat around and chatted!  They just left, I got the house cleaned up and now Zeke is sleeping, Michael is watching television and Ki is playing.  Life truly is good!  Today was definitely a day I wouldn't mind repeating!