Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Time

My love for the fall is great but after a winter, spring time is such a sweet thing.  The sun shinning, the birds singing and all the flowers and trees are in bloom.  This afternoon on my walk I was in awe at the little buds on all the trees and all the tulips and daffodils that have brightened everyone's still somewhat brown yards. 
Another of my favorite things about spring is the beginning of long afternoons in the backyard.  Within the last few weeks I have been able to send the boys in the backyard and they play out there for a good hour (this time usually is treasured by me, allowing myself some quiet time or cleaning time!).  This weekend in fact we had so much fun playing outside that the bath ring was not even a bother to me.  I have started measuring the fun my boys have by the size of the bath ring... one Sunday the bath ring must have been about two inches wide! 
Spring time is fun as well because I feel like I can walk around barefoot and in sun dresses all day long.  There are some days that I feel like when I put on my sundress I am putting on my mom uniform.  There is something "motherly" I feel about sun dresses... the long to the ankle kind - maybe that is because it is hiding my mom tummy pouch, not sure.
Spring time also means that the neighbors start to come out of the dens formally known as a home.  The smell of bbq wafts through the evening air.  The sounds of little kids playing in the backyards until dusk becomes a familiar echo.  The parks are filled with parents trying to steal an evening swing with their little ones.  Ohhhhh - the sounds, smells and warmth that spring brings!
Another thing about spring time is I cannot justify being in the house, I feel like if there is day light that I needs to be out, in the backyard, at a park, something that gets me and the boys some vitamin D.
Life is good... there are times that I get down but during the spring time I can't seem to be down for very long, all the pretty flowers just make me smile and remember that even when times are rough or I am in a funk that there is always spring - in the literal and in the day to day of everyday life!