Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yes, Maybe!  LOL  
I have been blogging for almost a year now and I started because a friend of mine suggested I try it rather than stressing about not getting out my monthly informational email to family about the Kulow Klan.
So here I am a a half a year after starting the new world of blogging and I am still considering myself a "blogging virgin".  I guess every day I write I just think that my grandmas are the only ones that read this.  When I get notes from others saying that they read my blog I almost feel giddy, thinking geesh I thought I was writing maybe for my own fulfillment and the daily digest for my grandmas.  So today after I finished writing my morning entry I realized that I could scroll through and see the blogs next to me.  In the beginning when I did it the blogs that I came across were usually in a foreign language and were not something that I would take the time to even look at - today was another story!
As I scrolled through the blogs that were around mine I found other moms, stay at home moms, Christian moms, ladies that I could probably sit down and share a cup of tea with (not just saying that as a passing phrase... I am a tea lover!).  So how ever this whole blogging world works I am not sure, but I feel a new inspiration.  I feel like there are just a bunch of other moms "around" me sharing the same Never Dull life that I lead.  I sat a while and read a few of the blogs around me and some made me laugh, one made my heart ache, one had some awesome pictures of her children... but the running theme seemed to be, we are all women trying to figure this thing called "Life" out!
So to my fellow bloggers, that just might decide one day to scroll on past my blog, welcome - sit and enjoy, know that I am in the same boat as you... a mom trying to make the best of life and enjoy the sweet special moments I get to share with my two boys as they grow up!  
If I have never officially met you please take a second and let me know you are out there... see the comment down below, you can do it, I know you can!  Let me know who you are, I am eager to "meet" you!