Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Do All Me Self"

I cannot even begin to count the amount of times I hear that a day.  Zeke is in this stage where he wants to do everything by himself and gets rather upset if I even try and suggest that something be done another way.  Ki in his own way is doing the same thing.  Now that Ki is officially walking every where he wants to do everything by himself as well.  If I try and offer a hand to him he starts fussing, if I Zeke comes over to help him he yells too.  I guess the "do it me self" phase is something that they come by honestly!  Both Michael and I are very much that way and so I guess our boys were destined to be independent little people!    I will say though that it makes me laugh when Zeke tries to help Ki and then Zeke gets bummed out that his brother does not want the help, inside I am thinking, Yeah - Zeke you do the same thing to mommy every day!  Well off to tend to my independent boys... snow day here so not sure what will be on the agenda today.